Judging the World

The lens you judge the world with is the lens that you judge yourself with
August 11

Coping Mechanisms

If there's an aid that will help you do your thing, allow yourself to use it
August 10

All Wikipedia Plots

Since January I have created a tool which allows for the creation of a database of Wikipedia edits, [Namespace Databas...
August 9

My Emotions

A summary of my feelings at age 21, post depression
July 27


Talking about my misophonia
July 18

Fat Acceptance Resources

On normalising fat bodies in media [](https://...
June 30

Plotting Wikipedia Data

Since January I have created a tool which allows for the creation of a database of Wikipedia edits, [Namespace Databas...
June 15

Talking About Antiracism

How to have productive conversations about race with people who are wary of antiracism
June 14

Racist Thoughts

How childhood jokes can influence how we see relationships
June 7

Racist Fonts

How can the use of a font be racist? How can we design respectfully?
June 4

Cancel Culture

What is cancel culture? When is it acceptable?
June 2

Belief Racists

What are "belief" racists like? What about people who say they are "colour blind"? How should racists be treated?
May 31

Replying to Jamie

What is the correct way to protest? What did Dr Martin Luther King Jnr think about protests?
May 29

Coronavirus To-do List Strategy

As of today, I've been in self-isolation for two weeks. Two surprisingly productive weeks I'm proud to admit. Over this...
March 27

Advertising in 19th Century Europe

Industrialisation was a sweeping force in 19th century Europe that changed the way people thought about the world. Bri...
March 7

Comparing International Notability

To propose a new emoji to the Emoji Subcommittee of the Unicode Consortium, one needs to provide evidence that the con...
January 7


Guide to AutoHotKey

AutoHotKey is a tool for automating repetitive tasks, most commonly for easy text replacement as you type. Correcting c...
November 14

Why I Map

Since mid-October in my free time I've been adding roads and houses, benches and fire hydrants to [OpenStreetMap](http...
November 1

Using VS Code Over SSH

Microsoft have already dethroned Notepad++ and they are coming for Samba. It's no longer necessary to mount remote volu...
June 15



The Reliability of Lipreading

Lip-reading mainly concerns discerning non-audible words solely from facial movements. This is a task which seems very ...
November 15

What Is Art?

Art is often seen as something which is undefinable, as it seems impossible to reconcile architecture with a poem, or a...
April 27