Comparing International Notability

To propose a new emoji to the Emoji Subcommittee of the Unicode Consortium, one needs to provide evidence that the con...
January 7


Guide to AutoHotKey

AutoHotKey is a tool for automating repetitive tasks, most commonly for easy text replacement as you type. Correcting c...
November 14

Using VS Code Over SSH

Microsoft have already dethroned Notepad++ and they are coming for Samba. It's no longer necessary to mount remote volu...
June 15



The Reliability of Lipreading

Lip-reading mainly concerns discerning non-audible words solely from facial movements. This is a task which seems very ...
November 15

What Is Art?

Art is often seen as something which is undefinable, as it seems impossible to reconcile architecture with a poem, or a...
April 27